Civil Court Dates

Date: Monday, 14th of August 2023
Division: B
Judge: Picou Walker
Clerk: David Dart
Reporter: Tara Joiner
Baliff: Terry Dunn
Docket: Plaintiff: Attorney: Defendant: Attorney: Action: Disp
44356 Thelma Shanklin Smith, et al Ramon Fonseca, Jr. Succession Of: Hrg. to Re-Open Succession, Probate Will, Amend the JOP & rescind sale Robert Ligon, Atty for Paige Smith- Brant
46173 Riley Sutton Donna Grodner Sgt. Dexta Robertson, et al E. Scott Hackenberg Scheduling Conference cont 10/23/23
46979 J.C. SCOTT SELDERS MONIQUE H. FIELDS SUCCESSION OF: Rule to be placed in possession.
47022 Seth Veillion Anna Hidalgo Pay or Appear
47079 Byron Roberts Donna Grodner Sgt. Riley, et al Peter Giarrusso Hrg on Mot to stay
47084 Donell Jones James Holt Christy Williams Rule for Div Confirmation
47173 Regions Bank Jeffrey M. Toepfer Vincent E. Belsito Confirmation order to dismiss in folder.
47224 Tristen Martin Jolie Sibley Pay or Appear PAID IN FULL
47270 Taylor Staton Eiden Brooks pay or Appear
47338 ST of LA, thru DCFS, child support Enforcement in the interest of Ja,liyah E. Whitfield Richard Larson James Augustus Mot/Ord to fix Confirmation
47425 St of LA Child Enforcment Serv. Leontyne Franklin Richard Larson Johnny Jones Sr. Confirmation
47473 Melvalyn A. West Cy J. D'Aquila, Jr. Ronnie E. West Hrg. on Divorce
47537 EFCU Federal Credit Union Richard Bankston Ernest Bell, III Confirmation
47575 Lisa Dixon Aaron Dixon Pay or Appear
47604 Stephanie Fenwick In Proper Person Blake Fenwick Divorce Confirmation
47655 Judy D. Ledoux Charles A. Schutte, Jr. Richard G. Ledoux Dooley Ross Hrg. on Preliminary Injunction
47687 George A. Turner Charles E. Griffin II Percy Jones, et al Rule on Preliminary Injunction
47704 Sarah McGrath Steven McGrath Hrg on Protective Order
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