Civil Court Dates

Date: Monday, 3rd of April 2023
Division: A
Judge: Kathryn E. Jones
Clerk: David Dart
Reporter: Miranda Bourgoyne
Baliff: Robert King
Docket: Plaintiff: Attorney: Defendant: Attorney: Action: Disp
45070 Jennifer Harrell Aaron Scarbrough Pay or Appear
46807 Carl Edwin Hooper, et al Harry Holladay Succession Of: Mot to remove succ rep Graham Arnold for Carla Quintella Kayla Martynenko for Chevonda Autar
46932 Cassidy Garner, et al Cy D'Aquila Gina Garner Tanner Woods Trial
47275 Travis Welch, Sr. Amollaya Welch Pay or Appear
47298 Jeremy Walker Amollaya Welch Pay or Appear
47402 Kermitricas Cain Timothy Drake Pay or Appear Paid in Full
47498 Kimberly Minton Michael Chad Minton Antonio Sparks Trial on Protective Order
990302 Adoption of: Lawrence T. Dupre, III Hrg on Adoption Cont 4/17/23
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