Civil Court Dates

Date: Monday, 17th of October 2022
Division: A
Judge: Kathryn E. Jones
Clerk: David Dart
Reporter: Miranda Bourgoyne
Baliff: Robert King
Docket: Plaintiff: Attorney: Defendant: Attorney: Action: Disp
44378 Bank of America, N.A. Alan Kirkpatrick Jackie Harris Hrg on Mot for SJ
44542 Amie Brown Gabriel Lachney Pay or Appear
44980 Ashley Fudge Nicole Templet Cody Morgan Vincent Saffiotti rule to modify custody & ancillary matters
45920 Elizabeth Dreikorn Downs Lawrence T. Dupre, III Zachary Downs Andrew D'Aquilla Hrg on Divorce & mot to relocate childs principal residence
46062 EFCU Federal Credit Union Richard Bankston Michelle Bradford Hrg on Jdg Pro Confesso
46075 Mark Hurley, et al Walton Barnes, II Liberty Mutual Ins. Co., et al Laura Spansel Gravener Hrg on Mot for SJ, Motions & pre-trial
46345 Douglas Boyd Tim Fields Aisha Norman, et al Brandi Cormier Status Conference RECEIVED FAXED MOTION TO CONT.
46608 Jacquelyn Perry Damien Perry Pay or Appear
46642 Hannah Herring Lewis Blanche James Herring Divorce Confirmation
46682 Linsey Garig Elsbet Smith Ashley Havard Robert Butler Hrg grant access to property
46713 Mary Slocum Reed Charles Griffin, II Eric Russell Reed Hrg on Divorce & Mot to suspend visitation
46978 Citibank, N.A. Naomi Cohen Ivker Jessie Dunn Confirmation
47113 La'Wanda Smith, et al Nicole Dufrene Streva EFPSB, et al Mark Boyer Hrg on Dec Exceptions Lorraine Tapp, Claire Sauls atty
47199 Martha Jones Paulette LaBostrie Estate of Emmit Jones Sr., et al Timothy Carter Rule on Exceptions
47201 State of La et al Abrion Hausey Hrg on Paternity and to produce
47227 Nicole Guillory Robert Dorman, Jr Pay or Appear
47231 Cheyenne Floyd Heidi Vessel Adam Rowe Hrg on Divorce
47237 Kayla Bowser Mikeal Thompson Hrg on Protective Order
47255 State of Louisiana through Board of Ethics Amy Richard Olivia Harris Hrg on why Jdg should not be rendered PWOD PER ATTY FAX
47266 James Guerin Charles Griffin, II Tiffany Cook Hrg on rule for custody
47275 Travis Welch, Sr. Amollaya Welch Hrg on Protective Order
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