Civil Court Dates

Date: Wednesday, 6th of July 2022
Division: A
Judge: Kathryn E. Jones
Clerk: David Dart
Reporter: Miranda Bourgoyne
Baliff: Robert King
Docket: Plaintiff: Attorney: Defendant: Attorney: Action: Disp
44276 Leonard Jones Sheldon Cummings Hrg on Motion for Contempt
45030 Jennifer Dighton, et al Leila Braswell John Dighton Keith Friley Mot for Contempt & Other Matters
45223 Autovest, LLC Jared Gilmore IV Curtland Holliday Rule for Summary Judgment
45891 Dana Brasseaux Varisco, et al Todd Caruso Jacob Varisco Jessica Ledet Hrg on Mot to Modify Custody & Visitation
45959 Nationstar Mort LLC Remmington Angelle Katherine Roberson, et al George Grace, Jr. Hrg on Diliatory Exception, Peremptory Exception, No Cause of Action & Other Matters
46512 Oneika Taylor Rick Caballero & Floyd Falcon The State of LA, et al Peter J. Giarrusso Status Conference
46961 Garcia Roofing Replacement, llc Teresa Cop Omega Hospital, llc John Creevy Hrg on Why Def Declinatory Exception of Improper Venue Should Not Be Granted & Dismiss Plf Claims
46976 21st Mortgage Corp. Karen Trevathan Donald Donna Irvine, et al Jessica Weimer Hrg on Mot for SJ
47003 Brittney Griffin Robin Cazayoux Matthew Griffin Dede Ferrara Hrg on Custody, Child Support & other matters Signed Stip Judg on 5-15-22?
47026 1st Heritage Credit of LA Dean Guidry Rachel Hopkins Confirmation
47028 1st Heritage Credit of LA Dean Guidry Kimberly Dunn Confirmation
47055 Jessica Guy Dennis Guy, Jr Review & Pay or Appear
47069 Annette Guerrero Robert Guerrero, Sr. Pay or Appear
47093 William Holmes, et al Candice Hillman Succession Of: George Downing, Jr. atty for Linda Melton, et al Hrg on Pet to Probate Will
47102 Marchelle Jennings David Handelman John Jennings Divorce Confirmation
47130 Michah Davis Serena Birch Stewart Davis Hrg on Rule for Custody & Other Matters Re-set for 7/18/22 in ct 6/20/22
990295 Adoption of: Todd Gaudin Hearing
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