Civil Court Dates

Date: Monday, 6th of June 2022
Division: A
Judge: Kathryn E. Jones
Clerk: David Dart
Reporter: Miranda Bourgoyne
Baliff: Robert King
Docket: Plaintiff: Attorney: Defendant: Attorney: Action: Disp
43330 Felicia Covington Williams Lawrence Williams, Jr. Angela Lockett Scheduling Conference Faxed Mot Cont
43627 State of La support enforcement, et al Carles Deandre Smith Veronica Jones Hrg on Contempt & rule to show cause
44116 Jennie Haley Larry Haley, Jr. Pay or Appear Pd in Full
45535 Amanda Jones Lindsey Leavoy Julia Maria Reyes Ashford, et al Christopher Kaul Hrg on mot for sanctions
45891 Dana Brasseaux Varisco, et al Todd Caruso Jacob Varisco Jessica Ledet Hrg on mot to mod custody & visitation Cont 7/6/22
45959 Nationstar Mort LLC Penny Daigreppont Katherine Roberson, et al George Grace, Jr. Hrg on rule for preliminary writ of injunction
46130 Joseph Selders, Jr. Charles Griffin, II Lakendra Melton Selders Ty Marchand Trial
46636 Laqeisha George Travis Gibbs, Sr. Pay or Appear Notice to appear mailed
46685 Dusty Dubroc Jill Craft Jennifer Dubroc Erik Noland Divorce Confirmation PWOD per Jill Craft Fax
46688 William Grady Scott Decker Southwest Ins., L.L.C., ET AL Rule on mot for partial SJ Hallmark Specialty Ins. Co. Atty Charles Leche
46936 Discover Bank Edward Mozier Marqueze Miller Confirmation
46961 Garcia Roofing Replacement, llc Teresa Cop Omega Hospital, llc John Creevy Hrg why def declinatory exception of improper venue should not be granted & dismiss plf claims Cont 7/6/22
46966 State of La support enforcement, et al Richard Larson Skylar Louis Fix Confirmation
46970 East Feliciana Parish School Board Haley Major Green Boykin Brothers, LLC, et al Hrg on rule to show cause for contempt & to revoke plan
47003 Brittney Griffin Robin Cazayoux Matthew Griffin Hrg on custody, child support & other matters Stip Jdg filed 5/17/22
47007 Taylor Gillis Cameron Gillis Pay or Appear
47010 Brea Davis Eric Keller Pay or Appear
47023 Breniqua London D'Juan Mansfield Dayshawn Harris Divorce Confirmation
47025 Debra Johnson Percy Johnson Pay or Appear
47026 1st Heritage Credit of LA Dean Guidry Rachel Hopkins Confirmation Cont 7/6/22 per atty phone call
47028 1st Heritage Credit of LA Dean Guidry Kimberly Dunn Confirmation Cont 7/6/22 per atty phone call
47042 Cameron Smith Lawrence T. Dupre, III Rachel Smith Hrg on custody, child support & other matters
47048 Sarah Mills Clyde Mills Pay or Appear
47049 Melissa Poole Corey Johnson Pay or Appear Paid in Full
47083 Tonio Sullivan Heidi Vessel Esha Quiet, et al Lawrence T. Dupre Hrg on contempt, modify custody & other matters
47085 Carmen Dunn Quarance Dunn Pay or Appear
47087 Lydia Lewis Sophia Riley Charles Pollar Hrg on Divorce, TRO, Use of Vehicle & other matters
47100 Dakota Financial, LLC Mark James Chaney, III Peridot Trucking, LLC Hrg on mot for surrender of leased property
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