Date: Monday, 8th of June 2020
Division: B
Judge: William G. Carmichael
Clerk: David Dart
Reporter: Tara Joiner
Baliff: Robert King
Docket: Plaintiff: Attorney: Defendant: Attorney: Action: Disp
39821 James C. Carmesin Laura Todaro Kasey Hughes Carmesin Heidi Vessel Hrg on Def Motion for Contempt & Establish Child Support
41390 Amanda L. Landry Vincent Saffiotti Anthony Kyle Landry Nicole Templet Status Conference
41562 Katherine Stringer Roberson Karen Yarbrough Edward Roberson Hrg on Contempt and TRO
43909 Neighbors Federal Credit Candy Pino Hrg on Judgment Debtor Rule
44754 Aaliyah Jean Doty Gregory Wilson In the Matter of Tutorship Hrg on Declaratory Judgment
44868 Dohald Wilkinson, Jr. Glyn J. Delatte, Jr. State of La, Dept of Public Safety Harrietta Bridges Hrg on Petition for Judicial Review
45303 Christine Williams Demetrius Green Pay or Appear on Protective Order
45624 Tiera Whitfield Cameron Curtis Pay or Appear on Protective Order
45683 Leonard Dupuis et al Donna Grodner Major Ray Johnson Patrick Henry Hrg on Exception & No Cause of Action/Motion for Summary Judgment
45683 Leonard Dupuis Donna Grodner Major Ray Johnson et la Hrg on Motion to Compel
45808 Kylie Mitchell Justin Langlois Pay or Appear on Protective Order
45876 Richard Corbin Ollie Culpepper Pay or Appear on Protective Order
45901 Yarnell Wright Richard Wright Pay or Appear on Protective Order
45965 Capital One Bank Laura Guliuzo Patrick O'Connor Confirmation
45977 Capital One Bank Laura Guliuzo Chiquita A. Underwood Confirmation
45978 Capital One Bank Denise Havard Confirmation
45988 Cecil E. Cooper Deborah Gibbs Robbie Tucker Cooper Hrg on use of Home, Injunction and Other
46059 Terry Lee Spears Yoursheka George Rhonda Selders Hrg Why Plaintiff Should Not Be Determined Father
46152 Walter Joseph Mathis Heidi Vessel Succession of Hrg on Why Court Appt Administrator Should Not Perform Duties of Administrator
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