Date: Monday, 4th of May 2020
Division: A
Judge: Kathryn E. Jones
Clerk: David Dart
Reporter: Miranda Bourgoyne
Baliff: Robert King
Docket: Plaintiff: Attorney: Defendant: Attorney: Action: Disp
44679 Kayla Tayler Thompson Jessica Weimer Mikeal Thompson Hrg on Contempt and Income Assignment
45627 Kandice N. Fontenot Thomas Lobrano, Jr. Pay or Appear on Protective Order
45646 Glenda Kelly Keith Kelly Pay or Appear on Protective Order
45838 Chance Edwards Alison Cavin Shannon Fay Status Conference
45869 Karen W. Jelks L. T. Dupre, III James W. Jelks Hrg on Divorce and Incidental Matters
45983 Daryl Kleinpeter Jewel Welch, III Amber Aulds David Marquette Review Hearing on Visitation
46039 Cindy Thibodeaux Mitchell Avants Pay or Appear on Protective Order
46157 Christina Goudeau Charles Grangers Hrg on Protective Order
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