Date: Wednesday, 19th of February 2020
Division: A
Judge: Kathryn E. Jones
Clerk: David Dart
Reporter: Miranda Bourgoyne
Baliff: Robert King
Docket: Plaintiff: Attorney: Defendant: Attorney: Action: Disp
41932 Baker Finance, Inc. Abby Knight Toria Grimes Bench Warrant return on Judgment Debtor Rule CONTACTED ATTY 12-23-19/RECALL BW
42563 Christina M. Miller Heidi Vessel Jerry D. Miller, Jr. Hrg on Exparte Petition for Custody
42606 Price Halligan & Matilda Halligan Robert D. Ligon Succession of Jimmy Zahorchak Hrg on Judgment of Possession
43158 Mable Lee Jones Ben Klein Succession of Stewart Hughes Status Conference CONT TIL 3-2-2020
43292 Makynzie A. Cowart Yoursheka D. George Custody of Hrg on Rule to Modify Joint Custody
44795 Amanda Lynn Bankston Charles Griffin, II Grailand Hall Sydney Picou Walker Hrg on Motion to Modify Judgment
45030 Jennifer Cooper Dighton Lelia Braswell John Christopher Dighton Keith Friley Hrg on Motion to Compel and Other matters
45099 Danielle Lea Andrew Cody Lea Pay or Appear on Protective Order
45128 Mable Lane Johnson Steven Covell Succession of Robin Cheatham Hrg on Final Accounting REC. LT/PARTIES TO SIGN A STIP JUDGMT
45535 Amanda L. Jones Lindsey J. Leavoy Julia Reyes Ashford Hearing on Exception
45588 Conn Appliances Quinada Guy Confirmation
45781 Republic Finance Melissa Carter Confirmation
45837 Conn Appliances Mark Phillips Confirmation
45848 Credit Brokers Travis Wayne Warner Confirmation
45850 Midland Funding Ben Dolan Confirmation
45862 Conn Appliances Kenyetta Washington Confirmation
45923 Daja Flowers Albert Winters Pay or Appear on Protective Order PD $25/NEW POA IS 3-16-2020
45947 DNF Associates Patricia Loyd Confirmation
45967 Ashley Rogillio Shayne Howell Hrg on Protective Order
45971 Midland Funding Wilkinson Confirmation
46002 Danny Hobgood Cy D'Aquilla Taylor Harless Yoursheka George Pay or Appear on Protective Order
46016 State of La, Support Enf Richard Larson Whitehead Hrg on Paternity & Support
46022 Neighbors Federal Credit Atira A. Stevens Confirmation
46039 Cindy Thibodeaux Mitchell Avants Joseph Cataldie Hrg on Protective Order
46043 Katie Brabham Rhonda Covington William Brabham Hrg on Rule to Show Cause SIGNED CONSENT JUDGMT
46050 Chiquo K. Fleming Leonard Fleming Hrg on Protective Order
46060 Demetric D. Perry, Sr. Yoursheka D. George Nykela F. K. Harris Hrg on Divorce
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